MitreNailer® (formerly Lesnick Fastening) is a division of Active Sales Co. and has been manufacturing wood joining equipment since 1976. Lesnick Fastening was acquired by Active Sales company and the name changed to MitreNailer in 1991. All our equipment is manufactured in the United States and is designed for long life during heavy repetitive use.

Early on we realized that in order to make Strong, Tight Corners in all the different materials being joined today, more than one type of fastener is required. That’s why we’re committed to allowing you to change fastener types quickly and easily on any of our machines so you can use the best fastener for each type of material you may need to join, now or in the future, without having to buy additional machines.

In 1978 the DOUBLE SHOOTER® was introduced. This is a high speed, all pneumatic 2 position machine to join flat back mouldings in less than
1 second per corner. Though updated dozens of times since then, the DOUBLE SHOOTER® remains the standard for high speed, reliable
production joining.

In 1985 the TWO STEP® was introduced to join both flat and uneven back mouldings at the same high speeds as the DOUBLE SHOOTER®. In 1998, The STEPMASTER® replaced the TWO STEP® with updated electronics and a graphical user interface.

In 1997 we became an authorized CASSESE distributor partner and now offer their complete line of high quality underpinners, saws and fasteners.