Corner Joining Tips

To get the best possible join, follow these Corner Joining “RULES OF THUMB”…There are two sets of “Rules”: for Cassese and for MitreNailer machines

Cassese Holddown Tips
Since Cassese machines are designed so that the holddown is always directly above the nail being driven, holddown setup is fairly simple.
1. Select the correct holddown type. Most Cassese nailers offer a selection of holddown types.
A. Triangle shape for flat profiles. Black for hard woods, White for soft wood.
B. Round bung shape for contoured profiles. Green for hard woods, Yellow for soft wood.
2. Be sure the bottom of the holddown pad is less than 2″ from the top of the moulding. (1 1/8″ for the CS 79 and CS 85 models)

Nailing positions:
As a general rule, nails should be driven into the thickest (highest) parts of the moulding.
A minimum of 1/8″ clearance should be left between the deepest nail driven and the top of the moulding.


MitreNailer Holddown Tips
1. Pressure: Should be set 5 to 10 lbs psi higher than fastener driving pressure.
2. Placement:
Vertical. Move the holddown pad out of the way. With little or no air pressure (0 – 15 lbs psi), move holddown cylinder to its extreme “down” position. Then lower the holddown pad so it firmly contacts the moulding and tighten in place. Return the holddown cylinder to the “up” position. Return the operating pressure to normal. Note: in certain very hard woods you may need to lower the holddown pad an additional 1/16″ closer to the moulding.

Horizontal. The holddown pad should be directly above the point where fasteners are placed. In cases where fasteners are widely spaced, the second holddown pad may be used.

Fastener Placement: For best results place fasteners in the inside 2/3 of the moulding. Placing fasteners too close to the outside edge “opens” the corner.

Tool Adjustments:
Pressure: Operating pressure is 65 – 100 lbs psi. Use just enough pressure to drive the fastener flush. Excessive pressure can cause premature wear and can affect the quality of the corner.

Fastener size change: Remember to change the support bar adjustment when changing fastener sizes. Failure to do this is the most common cause of jamming and premature wear.

Frontal Clamps: Should be adjusted to within 1/8″ of moulding.

Making a Corner: For best results, feed the moulding first from the left side until it stops against the fixed fence. Then bring the right hand piece up to meet the left.