The CS 940 Manual Double Mitre Saw is the latest installment of high-quality saws offered by Cassese. The CS 940 has plenty of cutting and engineering features that make it one of the best all-around saws available.

  • 4 color direct read measuring scale
  • Independent manually controlled cutting stroke
  • Convenient waste catcher
  • Narrow profile: 30″ depth
  • Wide cuts – 5 1/2″ & tall cuts – 3″
  • 2 Integrated dust extraction ports

Cassese takes pride in matching the design quality and reliability with industry leading safety features. The CS 940 complies with the highest safety standards in the world and comes equipped with the following safety features:

  • Unique brake system motors (blades stop within 2 seconds)
  • Hardened clearshield wide window
  • Convenient, safe and easy blade access
  • Minimal dust collection (<0.1mg/m³)
Technical Data: 
Electrical:230v Single Phase
Air Supply:90 PSI
Dimensions:Height: 60″  x Depth: 29 1/2″  x Length: 130″
Weight:370 lbs.
Moulding Type:Wood, MDF, Plastic
Cutting Capacity:5 1/2″ Width x 3″ Tall
Measuring Table (Included):55″ (Optional 43″ extension for total of 97″ Z27970)
Blades:2 Ea. 12″ Carbide (Z27230)

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