Wedges in Strips


Enjoy high performance with Masters™ wedges from Cassese. These are made for all makes of underpinners using wedges not in cartridges.

  • Wedges are glued together and come in easy-to-handle strips.
  • Special bonding agent with color code to avoid mixing and wasting fasteners. Load into machine with adhesive band on top.
  • Available in 5 sizes for normal wood (5,7,10,12 &15mm) and 4 sizes for hardwoods (7,10,12 & 15mm).

Type VAL
(silver for normal wood, black for hard wood)
for AMP, Putnam, Minigraf, Alfamachine underpinners.


Type VUN
(white for normal wood, red for hard wood)
for most makes of underpinners, including Pistorius, Framers Corner, Gielle, Omga, Morso, Brevetti Delta, Taurus.