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BEA 7116 Stapler
Drives .030″ “71” or “C” series 3/8″ crown staples from 3/8″ to 5/8″ in length. Proven durability and reliability Weight 2 lbs.
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BEA 38016-420 Stapler
Drives staples in leg lengths from 5/32″ to 5/8″. Low air consumption, durability and ease of maintenance make the 420 stapler a real cost
josef kielberg josef kielberg
JKT67020ALMP Repeating Valve Stapler
Drives .030″ thick staples, 3/8″ crown, up to 9/16″ leg length. Special nosepiece leaves staples approx. 3/8″ above flush. Also available in single shot and short magazine versions. Weight 2.4 lbs.