Double Shooter

Double Shooter

It joins flat back mouldings at about one second per corner. The ability to easily change from “V” to corrugated fasteners means you can join any type of moulding – from the most delicate plastic to the hardest oak or MDF – on one machine!

MitreNailer fasteners used with the Double Shooter® means secondary finishing operations are unneccesary. One-step assembly eliminates kerfing, slotting and putty, and results in high production rates exceeding 1000 frames per shift. Shoots up to 4 fasteners with the Multi-Shooter option. Joins a corner in about one second. Change fastener types in less than a minute.


  • Great for joining strainer bar.
  • Two fasteners in each corner in one operation, a pre-set distance apart.
  • Up to 4 3/4″ moulding widths.
  • 0″ to 4 1/2″ fastener spacing.
  • Flip a switch and it becomes a single shot Blind nailer.
  • Fast: drives 2 fasteners in less than 1 second.
  • Fixed bench mount model also available.
  • Mounted on the MitreMate stand, it can be operated at any angle from vertical to inverted – or anywhere in between.
  • Drives fasteners into hardest woods.
  • Industrial quality – Designed for heavy repetitive production use.
  • Made in U.S.A.
Technical Data:
Minimum Maximum


4 3/4″
3/8″ 4″
Frame Dimensions:
With frontal clamps
Without frontal clamps
# of fastener positions
# fasteners per position
Spacing between shots
Operating Pressure

4″ x 5″

3″ x 5″ unlimited
1 2 (4 with Multi-Shooter option)
1 3 (electronic version)
1/16″ 4 3/4″
70 #psi 100 #psi
Dimensions (max.):
Weight (lbs.)
Bench model Floor model
20″ 38″
12″ 18 1/2″
38″ 68″
120 175
  • Inserts for 6 sided and 8 sided frames.
  • Multi-Shooter – Allows fastener placement in up to 4 different positions.
  • Custom frontal clamps for unique moulding profiles.
  • Extension arms for large frames.

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