Cassese Wedges (v-fasteners)

cassese parts
Cassese cartridge wedges are the top quality wedges (v-fasteners) available for all underpinners that can use them. Wedges for Cassese machines are at the top, but if your underpinner is not a Cassese, here’s good news: Look at the bottom of this page!

Easy to change sizes: Thanks to the unique cartridge design, there are no adjustments or parts to change when changing fastener sizes.

Quick identification: The cartridges are color coded to identify the size of wedges thay contain (Colors and sizes at left).

No waste: Each cartridge contains between 275 and 290 wedges. Since the wedges are in cartidges, partial strips aren’t thrown away when you change sizes; the entire cartridge can be used every time. Rust protected, lubricated and individual (without glue) for more consistent performance and minimum wear of your underpinner.

Wedges are available for regular and hard woods. Hard wood wedges are individually labeled. All cartridge wedges, except #5, are produced with a corrugation in the middle that improves the resistance of the wedges and makes them join even harder materials without difficulty.

Other Wedges (V-Fasteners) from Cassese
If your underpinner is not a Cassese, you can still enjoy high performance with Masters™ wedges from Cassese. These are made for all makes of underpinners using wedges not in cartridges Wedges are glued together and come in easy-to-handle strips.
Special bonding agent with color code to avoid mixing and wasting fasteners. Load into machine with adhesive band on top. Available in 5 sizes for normal wood (5,7,10,12 & 15mm) and 4 sizes for hardwoods (7,10,12 & 15mm).

Type VUN (White for normal wood, Red for hard wood) for most makes of underpinners, including Pistorius, Framers Corner, Gielle, Omga, Morso, Brevetti Delta, Taurus.

Type VAL (Silver for normal wood, Black for hard wood) for AMP, Putnam, Minigraf, Alfamachine underpinners.