Used Equipment

Welcome to the Active Sales used equipment page. Please take a moment to browse from our selection and contact us today with any questions you might have with any of the products listed below.


The CS 4008 XL Programmable Memory Underpinner The CS4008 XL is the Cassese machine for the 21st century. Fast performance and heavy duty design for high production, programmable memory with touch-screen interface for ease of use, and of course, Cassese quality corners! Touchscreen tells operator which wedge size and accessories to use. Stores up to 3000 profiles in memory. Unlimited profiles if full parameter barcode and scanner used. Thanks to its memory, the 4008XL makes it easy to change from a small photo frame to a large moulding within a few seconds. Very fast! Up to 3360 corners per hour (2 positions per corner).

  • Simple, user friendly programming
  • Fast setup time
  • High production capacity
  • Wide joining capacity : 190mm stroke (7 1/2″)
  • Ultra Powerful Double-action “push and tighten” rebate clamp
  • New retractable Ultra Clamp system retracts into the table leaving a flat surface – Great for big frames!
  • Built-in extension arms for large frames
  • Built-in networking and barcode set-up abilities
  • 9 programmable wedge positions
  • Patented adjustable fences
  • New magnetic XL adjustable top clamp
  • No tools required to change wedge’s sizes
  • No pressure adjustment required
  • Cartridge loading activated by pneumatic cylinder
  • 2-stage pneumatic clamping pedal
  • Wedge sensor
  • Safe. Will not fire wedges without moulding in position
  • Easy access to electrical and pneumatic parts
  • Stainless working table
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Special Kit to work at 45° (Optional)


The CS 969 Automatic Double Mitre Saw is part of the new generation of saws from Cassese. Taller, wider cuts, heavy-duty and reliable, safe, clean and precise. The CS 969 is the best automatic waste reduction saw available.

  • Wide & Tall Cuts 160mm (6 3/8″) W x 110mm (4 3/8″) T
  • Pneumatic single action, horizontal cutting stroke gives accurate cuts and reduces waste. Cutting speed control insures perfect cuts on any width moulding.
  • Pneumatic horizontal and vertical clamps standard.
  • 59″ (1.5m) 45° Measuring Scale and Infeed Table
  • Totally enclosed for clean operation. Dust extraction at the blades and easy chip clean-out help keep saw clean. Meets European CE standards for dust control.
  • Heavy duty construction for long life and accurate cuts. Cast iron head, concrete base, heavy-duty air-cooled bearings, large blade collars, pitch & angle adjustments.
  • High visibility with hardened plastic windows.
  • Safety built-in. Meets tough European CE safety standards, totally enclosed, two-button operation keeps hands away from blades.

    – SOLD February 2015 –
CS969 SmartStop

CS969 SmartStop

CS969 SmartStop

Automatic stops can be ordered as an option with Cassese double mitre saws and are installed on on the machines at the factory. SmartStop allows significant time savings compared to manual measuring systems. The stops can be set in a few seconds. Automatic stops help the operator avoid costly mistakes. The key features are:

  • Automatic length measuring – Accurate within 1/10th of a millimeter. Self adjusts for width of moulding.
  • Automated width measuring – Automatically adjusts length measurement for moulding width. Great for quick & accurate setups and moulding width variances.
  • Stores up to 800 frame programs – Stores custom frame sizes, moulding width and reference number. Ideal for repeating common jobs.
  • Stores 80 standard sized frames – Create your own standard sizes list. Push one button to pick the size and one button to measure the width and you’re ready to cut!
  • Touch screen and intuitive interface – Easy to learn, easy to operate. Built-in frame counter for production jobs. Operates in 5 different languages.
  • Set your own standard allowance – Automatically adds allowance or adjust it with the push of a button.
  • 1 button changes from long to short size and back. Accurately and quickly changes sizes. Excellent for reducing wasted moulding.
  • 1 button changes from inside to outside measurements – Perfect for stretcher bars and strainers.
  • Available in 2 meter or 3 meter lengths.

    – SOLD February 2015 –