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As there are so many different materials being used to make moulding, no single fastener can meet every need. That’s why MitreNailer offers several types and allows you to switch fastener types in about 1 minute.

There are two main fastener types:

“V” Fasteners.
“V” fasteners, or V-nails are pressed into the moulding and are the most common type of fastener. Available in Regular, Hardwood or MDF nail types.

Micro-Corrugated fasteners actually draw uneven or miscut mouldings together and create a joint with exceptional strength. Hardwood, softwood and MDF are joined with equal ease. Available in Regular or hardwood.

SENCLAMP® fasteners from Senco or Paslode Mini-corrugated fasteners can also be driven by all MitreNailer® machines.